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LNK304PN AC-DC Off-Line Switcher

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The LNK304PN is a LinkSwitch-TN lowest component count, Energy-efficient Off-line Switcher IC. It is specifically designed to replace all linear and capacitor-fed (cap dropper) non-isolated power supplies in the under 360mA output current range at equal system cost while offering much higher performance and energy efficiency. This device integrate a 700V power MOSFET, oscillator, simple on/off control scheme, a high-voltage switched current source, frequency jittering, cycle-by-cycle current limit and thermal shutdown circuitry onto a monolithic IC. The start-up and operating power are derived directly from the voltage on the DRAIN pin, eliminating the need for a bias supply and associated circuitry in buck or flyback converters. The fully integrated auto-restart circuit in the safely limits output power during fault conditions such as short-circuit or open loop, reducing component count and system-level load protection cost.

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